LifePro Flexstride Under Desk Elliptical Machine Foot Pedal Exerciser Workout Equipment, Blue

LifePro Flexstride Under Desk Elliptical Machine Foot Pedal Exerciser Workout Equipment, Blue

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Do you ever find yourself stuck in a chair at work and wishing you could get some exercise?

We've all heard the adage of “sitting less and moving more”. But if you spend your entire day at a desk . it can be hard to get in the workout you need. That's why we created the FlexStride - an under the desk elliptical machine that's perfect for anyone who wants to get in an exercise while working . reading . or watching TV.

This workout equipment allows you to burn calories . decrease stress and tone your legs while pedaling on an elliptical bicycle. By doing this . you can achieve the same workout as walking or running up a steep hill.

Experience the thrill of an intense workout while sitting at your desk using the LifePro Flexstride Under Desk Elliptical Machine!

This under desk exercise equipment lets you stay active and healthy while staying on top of your busy schedule. It's compact . easy to set up . and offers eight pedal resistance levels - so you can make your exercise easier or harder depending on your preferences.

To help you meet your fitness goals . we've included a resistance band along our under desk pedal exerciser. The band will amplify your workout and give you extra resistance for an efficient cardio workout. The package also includes a yoga mat to secure the machine to your chair . caster stoppers to prevent sliding . and a tether strap to secure it to your wheelchair or walker. There's even batteries included!

Plant both feet firmly on our under desk stepper . and set your goal. We made it super easy to track your workouts - track time . strides . calories burned and more on the LCD monitor; or connect your phone via Bluetooth to sync your progress. Let the motivation of seeing how far you've come be your reason to keep going!

Make your workday more active with our desk workout equipment. Add the LifePro Rove Under Desk Elliptical Machine to your cart today!

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